He has more than 35 years experience in the field of the military; military and firearm law. 

Being a member of numerous organizations has given him the opportunity to network with veterans at various levels. 

He attended Kossuth Lajos Military College, Zrinyi Miklos Military Academy, and the U.S. Naval Justice School. He graduated with a cum laude from Jozsef Attila University Faculty of Law and Political Science in 1994. 

Dr Bokros has been practising law since 1998, specialized in military criminal law as well as weapons and firearm law.

He is the Chairman of Határvidék Sports Shooter Association.  He is involved in IPSC as a qualified sports shooter and as an internationally qualified judge.
For five years he has been the chairman of the Hungarian Disciplinary Committee of the Dynamic Shooting Association.

Dr Bokros is also the head of the legal section of "Kaliber" Magazine, the only firearm magazine in Hungary.

Dr Gábor Bokros has been hunting actively for nearly 20 years, and he is a member of Lovaszi Oilfield Hunting Association.

Antal "Tony" J. Szemerei

Our people make the difference.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the best possible service to you. 

We manage the best knowledge in the field of international trade in arms, ammunition and associated special equipment, such as special tactical equipment and military equipment.
We are specialized in the markets of Eastern and Southern Europe. To all our partners we provide the best products in the best possible and most efficient delivery conditions. Due to the attractive location in the middle of Europe in Hungary, we can achieve the best supply conditions for you.

We are determined to work hard to earn your loyalty every day. We're here to help you succeed.

Our stock continually improves so that it will cover all aspects of trading in arms, ammunition and related special equipment, tactical equipment, and specialized military equipment. Our vision is that we will be the most recognizable professionals in our field for Eastern and Southern Europe.

We can communicate with you in several languages such as English, German, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Romanian.

Skenco Europe about us

About Us

Dr. Gábor Bokros

Mr Szemerei immigrated to the USA from Hungary during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.  

He is an Army Veteran who served in Korea, France, and Germany.  After spending seven years in the US Army, he left in 1965 with an Honourable discharge. 
He started his retail gun business in 1968, and by 1971 he owned three gunshops and two gun ranges in the Detroit area.
He used to work in the oil drilling industry successfully for a short period, although in the early 80s, he sold his businesses and moved to Arizona.

He founded Skenco International Inc in 1989 that is providing marketing, manufacturing and exporting services that top companies have used to help develop and launch their products overseas. 

Mr Szemerei is a true entrepreneur who managed to implement his military skills into civilian life. How else could you operate a thriving business without discipline and high standards?
Seeing Skenco International's 25 years success in the USA, he decided to challenge himself with a bold move, opening Skenco Europe in the Western part of Hungary that opened its doors to new business opportunities.

He is a member of the NRA, The American Legion, and the VFW.

Skenco Europe